Monday, March 29, 2010

Memorial Monday...

I follow the blog A Place called Simplicity regularly and each week Linny posts something to remind us all of God's faithfulness. This week I want to post something He has done for us in the last 24 hours.

Jim and I are trying hard not to use the credit card and get completely out of debt. However, this is very difficult in a good month, but especially hard during months like this when we have so many extra activities going on. So here I am sitting in church yesterday thinking that we had no time to drive home and eat after church, then drive to another town to pick up two of the kids who had spent the night with friends, and then be back at church early for our Easter musical. I just really didn't see how we could do it, but there was no money to eat in town and then go get the kids. So during the end of the service I began to ask God about it. Not the whole bow your head and pray, just mentally say, "Okay God, I need you to show up." The service ended and Jim walked up front to get his music from the keyboard and then he waves me over. The music minister and his wife want to take us out for lunch!!! I was like WOW, that was fast work God!

Isn't God good!!! He cares for us in the little things. He knows how much we want to honor Him by being debt free and how hard we are trying. His timing is so perfect. When I shared this with the music minister and his wife, she told us that she had actually cooked lunch before church, but just decided she wanted to go out instead. That is so God!!


Mom Of Many said...

Wow Amy! What a wonderful story of God showing up immediately! Love it! It's such a simple story, but totally demonstrates how much God loves us and wants to meet our every needs - in super sweet ways and without credit cards! Yippee Jesus!

Thank you for sharing - keep it up! xo

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

What an awesome God!

Shannon said...

Wow! What a cool story! Thanks for writing it. It is such an encouragement! Isn't God amazing?????

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

I love your Memorial Box story! God is so good to provide just when we need Him. And He cares about all our needs. I know He will continue to provide as you are trying to live as good stewards and pay off your debt.

May God bless your beautiful family!

Kat said...

Just started catching up on Memorial Box Monday posts and it's just so fun to see God work! Very cool!!!