Saturday, March 27, 2010


That is a big word, especially during this Easter season. However, how much do we really know about sacrifice? This has really been brought to my attention lately on many different fronts. First, Jim and I are having to "sacrifice" some wants in order to trim our budget. Then I begin a series of sermons that challenges folks to "sacrifice" their riches for others. And finally in Sunday School our teacher asks us to "sacrifice" something for this week.

I have used the term "sacrifice" very loosely because it really hit me this week how little I know. I have yet to SACRIFICE anything!!!! Sure I have given up buying some new clothes and books. Even given up my internet and contemplating my cell phone. But that is a drop in the bucket to those who are without, which leads me to the next "sacrifice." I could give up even more and send that money to those who are in greater need, but still I am not giving up much compared to what they don't even have to begin with!

The third "sacrifice" was tricky. I thought I would give up coffee. I don't drink it that often and it is usually decaf so I thought it would be a breeze. I could report back to the class how well I had done and pat myself on the back. HAHAHA!!!! God was sitting on his throne saying "We will see about that!" LOL!! I did good the first couple of days and then on day three it hit me! I was absolutely craving a cup of coffee!!! That's when reality sank in. I wasn't really sacrificing if it didn't hurt!!!

I could give up all my belongings, give up my coffee or anything else, but without the Holy Spirit it is in vain. Also, I will never know the true meaning of sacrifice because I haven't had to give up my son for a bunch of people who don't even appreciate it! It has brought greater meaning to me this week what God did for me!! How Jesus sacrificed His life for me!! And here I sit complaining that I have to give up anything and opting for the "EASY" button. I pray this week when you have to maybe sacrifice something, know that it is nothing compared to the sacrifice Jesus lovingly made!!!

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