Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So I posted before that I would be having teenagers in my house this past weekend. I volunteered our house and the youth minister asked did I want girls or guys. I told him it didn't really matter, but Jim did better with teenagers so most likely guys. That is what I had in my head, but not what God had in mind. He is so humorous!!! Let me back up...

I don't do well with teenagers. I want to do good, but I just can't seem to get it! Truly I am scared to death of them. And girls and their drama just drives me INSANE!! I want to just tell them to get over it!! Anyway, so Friday night Luke begins to announce where the kids are going to stay and he gives me three girls!! WHAT?!?! Not only that, but there was another girl who wanted to go with them and it was beginning to start some drama. So we load up and I pray all the way home for some guidance. (Robbie, I started to call you at 10pm and tell you to start praying.)

Anyway, we get home and I show the girls where they would be staying and I thought that would be the last we saw of them. However, a few minutes later they came back downstairs and we sat around and talked and snacked for a while. Then they went up and began to ready for bed. At this time it is 2am and all is well.

The next morning they were up and ready in no time. The day was smooth. We went out to eat for supper and as I sit in Zaxby's with my three kids and these three girls (Jim is off with some of the guys.) this gentleman comes up to say that I have my hands full. Then changes his mind and says how well behaved they are. Let me tell you my heart swelled. I was so proud of these girls. That night we stayed up again until 2 am but this time we talked about guys. It was very interesting and they were very open to my ideas on dating (almost a courting mentality) and I even gave them stories from my past in hopes of explaining myself.

Sunday we had to send them home with their parents and I was slightly sad to see them go. I told one of the moms how much I loved having her child. She then shocked me by saying that all she had heard was how cool Ms. Amy was and how much fun they had. Now if that isn't an answer to prayer I don't know what is. God's grace was very much sufficient for me.

We do plan to continue to fill our home with children. I am growing more content with the idea that they won't always be "mine" but I can still love them like they are.


Tina said...

Teenagers aren't so bad. Of course I've dealt mostly with teenage boys. If you gain their respect upfront you really don't much to worry about. I love it when Joe's friends come over. A lot of them call me Mom and tell me they love me. It's great to know you make an impact on the.

So glad God answered your prayers.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Imagine that you thought of me when you had your home full of teenage girls! Why do you suppose? ;)