Sunday, February 21, 2010

Praise the Lord!!!!

I know I promised snow pics and I will post those Wednesday, but I had to take a moment here and post some really great news for us!!!! God has worked in a way that will allow us to keep our house!! Yippee Jesus!! Anyway, this doesn't come without cost... I have known that God wanted to fill this house with children and I just assumed that meant we would adopt lots of kiddos. Fine with me. However, I have found God really has other plans. He wants to fill the house with teenagers. Now as a friend jokingly put it that was Satan, not God. LOL!!! But seriously, we want to reach out to Jim's students and bring them into our home for fun and a exposure to an intact family, which most do not have. Please pray for me because I really just don't "do" teenagers. I know God will provide the sanity I need and I am looking forward to the experience as I soon will have a teenager. So that's our life in a nut shell. Headed to Bible study! Blessings.

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