Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peas, Peas, Peas!!!!

This week I have been putting up vegetables (mostly peas) and let me tell you it is a job!!! One day the kids helped me and my mom to shell peas and then put them up. We had one bucket to do and that was all. They commented on how much work it was. So then when we got finished I told them that we only got 5 packs and it would take at least ten more days to get enough to feed our family for a year. Blake's eyes got as big a saucers. It was a great opportunity to teach them that it is hard work to feed them and not to take for granted the food on the table. So I guess I will try to finish up peas this week and maybe move to butterbeans and string beans next week. Anyone willing to come help?? Or anyone have any produce they don't need we will take it. I promise I will make good use of it.

On to another quick topic. Please continue to lift us up in prayer with regards to Ruby Faith. I should have a call tomorrow from Holt about adopting an older child with special needs. This is just a call for them to get to know us a bit and see if we really know what we are getting into. Please pray that God will make His desires clear. I don't want to get out of His will. Thanks in advance for the prayers.

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Tina said...

Amy have you heard anything? What kind of special need does Ruby Faith have and how hold is she? Is she from China?