Sunday, August 15, 2010

Up in smoke...

We have been having some really bad lighting storms the past couple of days and yesterday was no exception. I was at work and we were beginning to close up when a monster storm hit. The rain was heavy and the sky lit up. Then, just as I was finishing my paperwork, I got a call from my mom... Her childhood elementary school, which later became the private school I taught at was on fire. I told my co-worker I had to leave and off I went. I virtually flew to the scene (which happens to be across the street from my grandmothers) and watched in horror as the almost century old building went up in flames.

It was devastating to watch, but God was truly in it. First off all the firefighters were safe. Second they were able to contain the fire to the one building and amazingly enough the adjoining buildings suffered minimal damage. And last but not least the outside of the structure looks to be salvagable and the school plans to keep it and rebuild. This last part is really cool to me because for almost a hundred years students have stood in front of this building for their senior class photo and it was going to be sad to lose it.

Okay this reminds me of Tara after the war

in the movie Gone with the Wind.

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