Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little sad...

I checked my email today to find a message from the adoption agency stating that someone else would be proceeding in the adoption of my Ruby Faith. This really saddens me and breaks my heart, because I really felt that this was the little girl God had for us. I did ask the agency to please let me know if anything changes. In the meantime I will grieve for this loss, but know that God does have something in store and look for what that might be.

On a brighter note, my dear sweet Mother-in-love has decided she wants to take our family on a trip of a lifetime.... Disney!!!! The week happens to be the week of my 30th birthday and I think this will be a great birthday (hehe)!! The best part is that the kids don't know and we aren't going to tell them until we are on the way. I hope I don't lose them to the excitement. I don't think they will complain too much because the trip is going to cause us to delay starting school for a week. Do you think they mind??? I'll post pics in a couple of weeks. Be blessed.


Lisa said...

Oh Amy, I'm so bummed. I've been thinking a lot about Ruby Faith and I was looking forward to hearing more about her. I'll be praying that everyone has peace about this and that God shows you soon what exciting news he has in store for your family.

Sabrina said...

I'll be praying for your heart! I know that Ruby Faith has been on your heart for a long time now.

Maybe a Disney vacation is just what you need! Enjoy!

Tina said...

I know you are listening to God's call to adopt. He's making your heart ready for the perfect child he has picked for you're family.

Enjoy your trip to Disney!