Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coupons, coupons,coupons....

Okay, I mentioned a few posts ago that I have started couponing. I am still learning, but was proud last week when I went and bought $159 worth of groceries for $53!!! Some still consider me an amateur but I was proud. So this led to a discussion between me and Jim about getting out of debt. We have really been working hard for about 6 months on eliminating all debt. So as the discussion progresses Jim insists that after the debt is paid, we will continue like this and save like crazy. I was fine with that cause I said then we can adopt more kids. He was like yeah well that will take a lot of saving. I said "Well, **** is getting two for 35." He jokingly responded, "35 dollars? Yeah lets stockpile them." I got tickled and then he looked over and said, "Hey do you have a coupon for that?" I just about cracked. So I am now searching for the adoption coupon LOL!!!

On a serious note, my heart is heavy for the orphan again. It's almost made my nights unbearable as that is all I think about. Please pray that God will work in our lives and allow us the privledge to adopt again.


Sabrina said...

I believe you will when the time is right, friend!

Hey, I need some serious tips on this couponing deal! I checked out those sites, but you need to give me some specific pointers. ;)

Tina said...

so take the money you save each week and put it in the adoption fund!