Friday, April 15, 2011

No keys....

Okay, this an unofficial Memorial Box Monday post. I know that it's not Monday, but God just showed Himself again and I need to share. I'm sharing this more for my rememberance and no one elses. Okay, the military has gone to a new pay system when it comes to travel. Instead of one person in the unit handling it, it is up to the soldier to submit paperwork. So Jim has been working to submit paperwork from a January travel period, but life has not allowed him time. Well, Wednesday night around midnight we find out that if he doesn't submit paperwork by Friday they will not pay him. I am freaking out because this is several hundred dollars that we can't just let go by. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the paperwork is in his car, which happens to be in the shop.

So Thursday afternoon the kids have games and we do that, then he takes me to my grandmothers to stay (it's our turn to stay). He leaves around 10pm to drive the 20 minutes to the garage to check for the papers. It's not until he arrives that he realizes he doesn't have the key. But you know what, our God who cares about all the little things (like my husband needing to get home and get to bed instead of chasing down a key) had left the trunk open. And yes this is where my dear husband keeps all important files. So thanks to God he was able to get the papers and fax them on Friday!!!

This is such a reminder to me that God does have everything planned out. And yes it may be the last moment (which it often is when involving my husband :) but He does have my best at heart. As many of you know we are in the middle of raising funds for our mission trip and though I struggle with waiting for the money, I know God does have it planned. It may be the last minute, but He will provide!!!

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