Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet Words...

Last night I was looking around on different adoption sites at some of the waiting children. I have two that I have been praying for and about, so I was checking their status. In walks Samuel and he wants to know what I'm up to. I tell him about these children and how they need a momma and daddy. Of course to him they are all in Vietnam. LOL!! So then I show him the pictures of the little boy and girl I have been praying about. He decides he wants their pictures too. So today I printed a copy for all of us to have by our beds so we can pray specifically for these precious children.

I am so touched by my children's desire to pray for these children and their open hearts to bring them into our family. (Samuel assures me he can take care of the little boy.) Jim and I are both very open and ready to start the process again. However, there are a couple of things that need to be done first (according to Jim). Will you please join me in prayer... 1.) That these two sweet babies will find a Christian family {hopefully ours :) } and 2.) That God will move these mountains that we must overcome first, before we can adopt again.

Mission Trip news: We had a BBQ this weekend and cleared about $250 per person. This still leaves me and Grace about $1100 each short for our plane tickets. This money is needed by May 1. Please join us in prayer that God will provide. And as always, if you feel led to give just click on the Donate button on the side. Thank you.

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