Monday, May 23, 2011


That is my new favorite word... Yes, there is a reason for that word being my new favorite. See we leave in about 10 days for Africa. That in and of itself is really exciting yet scary. However, we now have been given the task of moving out of our house by..... June 3!!! Yikes!!!! The story gets better.... Family and well meaning friends ask "So where are you going to move?" The answer, " I don't know!!!" Jim and I don't want to settle into a new home right now because we may be moving. We are looking at possibly moving to a bigger school so that he can have more time at home with me and the kids. This means we can't really get settled in a new house, just to move again by the end of July.

We are exploring all kinds of options. One option depends on staying with local friends and his parents some. Option B is renting a house for the two months and then if we don't move continuing to live in that house. And Option C is renting a cabin at the local RV Park. Hopefully we will have an option nailed down by the time I leave. If not, I guess Jim will inform me of the living arrangements when I get back in the country :)

The funny thing is I am not stressed. Normally this would really bother me, but this trip has taught me that God has the details. I want to be so open to His will that I'm just floating along. Now I will admit that I'm a bit stressed about actually moving the stuff to storage. I am packing like a mad woman, but Jim has school up until the 3rd so he's not much help. Hopefully I can get it all done.

Please continue to pray for our trip. We are so excited and God is really up to something big. We know this because Satan has really been working hard. Thanks for the prayers.


Sabrina said...

God has done amazing things with this trip. I have enjoyed watching and been encouraged by His faithfulness!

I sure wish I could go help you pack. Maybe one day next week I could.

Tina said...

So you guys sold your house?