Monday, May 16, 2011

Listening to Him...

Oh the joy of listening to the quiet voice of my heavenly Father. Last night it was late after getting in from church. We did the whole rush around and get ready for bed thing. Then finally I was headed upstairs for bed while Jim was in the back. I got upstairs and was ready for bed when I heard the chatter. I could hear the kids talking over the monitor. (Our kids share a bedroom and because of my fear of not hearing if something went wrong while they are downstairs and we are upstairs, there is monitor in their room.)

So anyway, I heard the chatter and started to yell down to be quiet and go to sleep. When the Lord guided me to just stop and listen. And boy am I glad I did because I would have not wanted to end this conversation.

I turned up the monitor so I could hear all of the voices. The first thing I heard was Samuel mention dying. And Blake began to tell him, he could die at any minute. This of course worried Samuel because he didn't want to "go to the fire" as he put it. As I listened longer I heard my precious 10 year old and 8 year old explain to their brother about salvation. Blake let him know that he had to be ready to die for Jesus and Grace reinforced that with "Remember what Mr. Chris said tonight." (See Chris someone was listening.)

I think the funniest moment was when Grace quoted Revelation to assure Samuel that there would be no more death in Heaven and that God loves us. Samuel's reply was "I know. God gave His only forgotten Son." I got the giggles at that. Not just his little mistake, but the fact that they are quoting scripture back and forth.

The night ended with them calling for me to come down and chat with Samuel. Again tonight his daddy has spoken with him. We will continue to talk with him until we confident that he understands all that we have talked about. But let me tell you this momma is rejoicing and went to bed with tears of joy last night!!!

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Sabrina said...

How cool! Praise the Lord!