Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It seems like every day my children are saying or doing something funny (Samuel especially). A couple of the latest... Samuel walks in this morning with Jim's old green army hat on, salutes me and says "Morning Sarge." That was funny, but even funnier was the fact that he sounded just like Gomer Pyle!!!!! I thought I would crack up!!!

And then my sports enthusiast Blake has to recall five sentences from the pastor's sermon. He asks me for help as he seems a bit stumped. So I remind him of three points. This seems to trigger his memory a bit because in a few minutes he says, "Oh I remember one. A quarterback and a tight end make up 20% of the football team." Uh yeah, is that all you heard? :)

And Grace is just a doll. Oh thank you Father for these three wonderful blessings!!!! I am so glad that You entrusted them to me!!

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