Wednesday, September 21, 2011


FARMERS NEEDED ... pays is 0 dollars, long hours, NO sleep, little to no appreciation, clothing is not fashionable, hands and knees will stay dirty and blistered, but YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST BOSS EVER, WITH JOY FILLING YOUR SILOS DAILY !!!

If the call came today would you answer it to a FARMER ??? I have heard of many situations this past couple of months and have been encouraged to see people answer the CALL to harvest the crops ...

What if your neighbor passed away and their kids needed a home ???

Do you have a widow living next door that sits alone every Sunday for lunch ???

What if you heard of a family living in a car ???

What if there is a boy or girl in need of a mentor ???

What if a couple in your church decided to quit their jobs and move across the world to tell people about Jesus ???

What if someone was in need of groceries ???

What if you could provide a life-saving surgery for only $500 ???

What if a terminal child needed a forever family for only a few months before going home to Jesus ???

This list could go on and on !!! THE NEED IS GREAT AND THE HARVEST is plenty ... Will you be a FARMER TODAY !!!! Will you pick up the NEEDS of someone and carry them for a SHORT time, a MOMENT, or FOREVER ??? There is never a day that we open our eyes that there is not an IMMEDIATE need ... It is actually the best job on the earth - SOWING AND REAPING !!!

I mean lets be honest w/ ourselves - We are never more the person we want to be than when we are serving someone. somewhere, or someplace !!! We get nothing in return, but the knowledge of knowing our heavenly FATHER is proud of us for putting on our boots and wading in the MIRE w/ Him ... CAUSE YOU CAN BET THE FARM he is already there in the MIRE waiting for us - He is with the orphan, the widow, the person in prison, the family living in the car, the dying child - SO don't wait -- this job will change you more than you change it !!!


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