Thursday, October 13, 2011


Oh my heart has been so moved!!! Yesterday at church the kids were given an overview of Operation Christmas Child. This is something we do every year, but it seems this year it really seemed to "click" with my children. They got in the car after church and began telling me all about it. They each asked if they could spend their own money to buy things for the boxes. (Of course you can!!!) One of the most touching things was when Samuel asked how much a bible cost because he wanted to put one in the box. I was so moved by his desire to be sure they know about Jesus.

My copy of "Kisses from Katie" arrived this week and I have started reading it!!! Boy what a moving book. It has really challenged me and moved me. The most precious thing was Grace asking if she could read it too. Our trip to South Africa this summer has really touched her for Africa. When she learned Katie was in Africa, she wanted to read the book!

Thank you Lord for the treasures you have given me!!! Each one is so very precious. May I not lose site of You. May I filter the longings of this heart through You. Shape me and mold me to Your desires.

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Tina said...

Got my book this week also but haven't gotten to start reading it yet... maybe tonight.