Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Are you a fan of Jesus...

or really and truly a follower? This has been the overarching question posed in the book I am reading. Kyle Idleman discusses the fact that most Christians have simply become fans of Jesus.

Any of you who follow sports much know that there is a difference in a fan and a follower. The fans are the ones who love it when a team is on top. They are very excited and keep up with all that is going on. But let that same team lose for a season or two and those fans slowly dwindle. The team is no longer exciting and entertaining. It may even be hard to watch the players get out there and lose time after time. Times get tough.

That's how some folks are about Jesus. It's great when He doesn't require much. You can come and watch on the weekends. Maybe even volunteer a few times. But when God asks you to do a little more, it gets tough. I mean really, He wants you to do what!?!?

That seems to be the plight of the America church. If you want to be challenged in your faith.... If you want to know if you are truly a follower or simply a fan, I suggest you read this book.

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