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Mistakes, we all make them. Some of them are large and life altering. Most are small and rarely noticed. Some bring us joy and others heartache. One of my uncles even has a sign in his business: "I once thought I was wrong, turns out, I was mistaken." Needless to say, we all make mistakes at some point in life.

One of the biggest mistakes that face our country is unplanned pregnancies. Many of these unplanned or inconvenient pregnancies end in abortion. According to, 93% of abortions are because the child is unwanted. That itself is a very sad statistic.

However, some ethicist in Australia have recently published an article stating that "after-birth abortions" should be allowed. In other words, a mother can carry her child for 9 months, deliver the beautiful treasure and then at the time of birth, decide to murder the child!! This is outrageous!!!!!!

Now, I want to break away and tell you a little about my own mistakes:

This was the result of one of my major mistakes in life.

Now hold on, don't start calling me names yet!!! Let me tell you my story. I was 19 and in my second year of college. I had met this amazing guy and life was great. However, I was naive and really didn't consider the consequences. Then in early 2000, I was hit with the reality of my consequences.

I was pregnant.

I had a choice; I could quietly abort this "mass of tissue" or I could follow thru on the pregnancy.

Now let me tell you, my life would have been "easier" had I chosen abortion. I mean, I wouldn't have disappointed my parents. I wouldn't have had to endure their disapproval. College would have been a whole lot easier without having to juggle a child. And of course, the stares from society thinking that I was some "white trash" teenager who had gotten pregnant and would now be a drain on society.

But I knew better. I had been raised in a Christian home and had taken part in the "life-chain" for many years. I also had always dreamed of being a mother (just not at 20). So, my fella and I got married. (And after almost 12 years of marriage I reckon I will keep him :) Anyway, we decided together to have this child.

Can I just say, I think that this was the best "mistake" I could have made in my life!!!! Blake is intelligent and caring. He has the cutest dimples and a musical ear to rival professionals. Sure life has been a challenge, but one I wouldn't trade for all the "ease" in the world!!!

My next mistake isn't mine, but that of a precious young woman half a world away.

See Samuel too was conceived by an unwed mother. For a reason unknown to me, she never married Samuel's biological father. However, she made one of the bravest decisions in the world. She chose to give life to her child. In a society that looks down on unwed mothers and offers little to no support, she faced what I would consider a very tough decision. I will forever be grateful for the hardship she endured.

Samuel, is truly a bright spot in our family!! He has a smile that is constant and a sense of humor that will leave you in stitches!!! My life would truly be empty without him.

I share all of this to say, that we must stand up against the evil in our world!!! You may say, "Well that is in Australia, not here." But I tell you, that if it is considered and even published in a developed nation like Australia, it won't be long before it will try to take root here in America. We as Christians must choose to stand for life.

I don't want this to become a political blog, but we face a very serious election in November. Not only for the office of President, but also the elections to Congress. We as Christians must make it a priority to vote for candidates who choose life!!!

It doesn't matter if they have a solution to the looming debt crisis or can find a job for every American. If they don't stand for life, we will soon run out of productive citizens that will contribute to society. And if there is no one to fill the jobs, then production fails. Then where will we be?

Not only that, but if they don't stand for life in the womb then when does it begin to bleed into other areas. At what point is life sacred? If you are diagnosed with a dreadful disease, don't you want leaders who are pro-life? Of course, because you want the best possible chance to survive!! If our leaders don't stand for life and you find yourself with a dreadful disease, you may just find yourself facing eternity sooner than you wish!!

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