Monday, February 20, 2012


Wow!!!! That is all I know to say!! It has been FOUR years since Samuel was put into our arms and officially became ours. The picture above is the first picture we ever received of our little man. Oh boy was it a treasure. (and still is)

He had such a serious expression. So different from today:

Samuel has brought so much joy and light into our world. He really is a character and we love him so very much.

The next few pictures may be blurry on here because I am not good with resizing. We are so fortunate to have some "baby" pictures of our little man. For many who are adopted at his age there aren't any pictures.

This is the famous "Santa" picture! I am proud to say that all the little santa's were adopted.

And here is a picture of the four santa's a couple of years ago at heritage weekend. Hopefully we can all meet again this year!!

(they are in the same order as the original picture)

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