Monday, March 12, 2012

Basic Building Block...

What is the most important thing to our existence?


We can't survive very long without it. Many call it the building block of life.

So why is it that this all important substance isn't given much thought? We all take for granted that it will be available and that we won't have to worry about being able to turn on the tap and fill our glass with a clean, clear, refreshing glass of water.

But wait....

Is your water really all that clean? I mean sure it looks clean enough, but what is it that you are possibly not seeing. What kinds of things are you feeding to your family and you aren't even aware of it.....

If you live in the city, your water is most likely filled with all kinds of chemicals. Not only the ones used to purify the water, but also traces of drugs of all kinds. Add to that the fluoride that is added to "help" you and you really do have a mess.

Wait, you say, I live in the country. I get my clean water straight from the ground. Yep, straight from the ground that absorbs a whole host of chemicals from the surrounding agricultural land. I won't even go into all the harmful effects of these pesticides. Suffice it to say, your water isn't clean.

So what is a family to do?

Well, my family has invested in a water filtering system. There are several types out there. They range from the water pitcher type to whole house systems. And the cost varies greatly as well.

Here in our town, the pipes are old and therefore the water on occasion comes out a bit reddish. This is due to the iron pipes that need to be replaced. However, for a town our size, it is a huge undertaking. The town has found it easier to install water filtering systems on the homes instead. Ours is attached at the source of water from the city pipe. We change the filter once a month and let me just say it is gross!!

We have also purchased a Berkey water filtering system. This looks like a large tea urn that sits on our counter. I fill the top bucket whenever it is low and we enjoy clean water. We chose this model for several reasons. I like the Berkey filtering system because it doesn't have to be attached to my faucet. I can get clean water whenever I need it. This is helpful in case of a power outage that leaves me without water. I can always use ponds, puddles or pools as a source of water. After it passes through the Berkey it will be safe to drink.

We chose this particular model because I can see the water level and know when the bucket needs refilling. This is helpful to me because it is very easy to notice when we are getting low on water.

This is a Berkey Light

This was a bit of an investment, but a worthwhile one. I like the comfort of knowing my water is clean and free of all kinds of chemicals. I see this as an investment in my health and the health of my family. And our health is truly priceless.

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