Thursday, March 15, 2012

How in the World???

How in the world did Caroline Ingalls accomplish so much in one day? I live with so many modern conveniences and can barely keep my head above water!!

We love "Little House on the Prairie" and if it were up to my kids, that is exactly how we would live. In a lot of ways we do. We make most things from scratch like butter, bread, and even soaps. But let me tell you, that is pushing it!!! I don't see how women also did laundry (on a washboard), sewed for their families and did all the outside chores required!!

What am I doing wrong???? Seriously, I would love to hear input from all you guys to see what you think has changed to make life "harder" for us now.

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Anonymous said...

Chris said " you bathe more than once a week, you have more than 2 outfits each that are washed more than once a week, you husband works outside the home, your children have way less responsibilities than kids back then, and the focus in life is directed at other things.