Thursday, April 12, 2012

My first....

I made my very first tincture recently and I am so excited. I am trying so very hard to help move our family into a more natural way of living. This involves everything from the food we eat to the things we do to help ailments.

As I have researched herbs and such to help with ailments, I have been a bit disappointed because we are rarely ever sick. Now I'm not complaining mind you, but I never get to try out my knowledge.

However, on occasion I have a tough time falling asleep. My brain just won't shut off and allow me rest. In my research I had found a mixture of herbs that I had been brewing in a tea to help me rest. This was working fine, but sometimes I just don't want to drink tea before bed. I also saw this as an opportunity to put my knowledge to work. So I was ready for a tincture.

A few weeks ago my dear husband purchased the base ingredient and I got started. Finally, yesterday my amber bottles arrived and I drained the herbs off. I was so very excited. Here is a picture of my precious tincture.

So I tried my first dose and it works wonders. I have seen people on Ambien {won't mention any names :) } and the way it makes them loopy and ready for sleep rather quickly. Well, this works just as well without the loopy feeling. I took about 1 oz. and slept really well all night long. Now what to make next????


Chris Tolbert said...


I may have to put an order in for this. Is it safe for 9 month olds?

Amy said...