Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When it rains....

I feel a bit like the girl in this picture: When it rains, it pours.  

Samuel asked me to read to him the other night, so we sat down on the couch.  As we did, I noticed some small holes in the cover of the cushions.  I mentioned to Jim that it might be time to start looking for another couch as this one had a couple holes.  His response, "A couple?!?!"  See we already have hand towels over the arm rests so that you won't notice the holes that have been there.  But hey, I can't complain, this couch was given to us (in pristine condition) by some dear friends when they moved over 7 years ago.  Yeah, three kids have been pretty rough on it.

But wait, the freezer has gone out and the repairman came today.  We spent $65 for him to ride out and spend 5 minutes at the house to say, "You just need to buy another one."  Ugh!!!  Add that to the ever growing list of big purchases.  (On a side note, Jim does have one little trick he can try if we can borrow the a couple of the tools needed.)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the dent in my mom's truck that was the skillful work of my husband :)  Took it to the bodyshop this week and looks like another couple of hundred dollars.  Add to that the piano is in need of SERIOUS tuning!!  And if the fella can't tune it, we will need to be looking into purchasing another one.

But even so, my joy and peace rest in Jesus!!  Yes, it does seem that a lot of needs come up at one time, but I know God had this planned all along.  HE is my provider and therefore I will trust.  I may have a holey couch for a bit longer and my children may have to practice on a very out of tune piano, but I am thankful that I have a couch to sit on and children to make such noise beautiful music.

Even so, if you happen to know someone with a cheap couch or freezer, feel free to let me know!!  :)

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