Friday, May 25, 2012

Recent happenings...

Well, life around here is beginning to wind down a bit.  Jim is now out of school for the summer and life is not so hectic.  As a matter of fact Jim and the kids actually got to go fishing today.

Thursday night we attended Grace's piano recital.  I was quite proud of my budding pianist! 
Here is the girl of the hour with some of her biggest fans!

I have also worked on completing a project I started a few days ago.  Recently the kids and I journeyed to visit some friends.  During the visit I asked my friend to please show me how to make a rag rug.  She graciously showed me how and got me started.  Finally a week later, I have finished:
I am so excited about this project and how easy it was.  Everyone may be getting rag rugs for Christmas this year :)

Now I'm off to start getting ready to go peach picking tomorrow.  Then later next week I will be putting up green beans!  I love it!!


Sabrina said...

Love the rug!

Go Grace!

Peach picking? Where? I'd love to have some peaches! Maybe we need to visit? ;)

Shanna said...

Cute rug :) I bought one of those at a festival. The lady was making them big enough to put on chairs as a chair cushion or decoration.

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