Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preparedness Challenge....

Okay, I love following different blogs.  My ultimate favorite is Homestead Revival.  Every Monday Amy hosts a link-up to homestead blogs that I just love reading thru.  As a matter of fact, when I went on my electronic fast, I told Jim the only thing I would really miss is reading her blog.

On the last Saturday of the month she addresses Preparedness and issues the Preparedness Challenge!  This is extremely exciting for me and we work to prepare for disasters that may loom on the horizon.  We also, hope to become an off-grid family and these posts help.

Well, last month during the Preparedness Challenge she was giving away an apple peeler.  I just knew this was going to ultra handy this fall when I start to dehydrate apples and make applesauce, so I entered.  Guess what.....  I  WON!!!!  

 Back to Basics Apple Peeler

 I mean, I never win anything, but I am so excited.  I actually clicked on the link to my blog because I didn't think it was me!  Now I am very much looking forward to putting up apples this fall.  Jim will be glad too as he had to peel pears last weekend.  :)

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Sabrina said...

woo-hoo!! Cool prize!