Friday, October 12, 2012

Small town USA...

Okay grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your morning entertainment!!
The morning started out like any other.  I get up, cook breakfast and then everyone else gets up and we eat.  Dad goes to work and the kids and I handle chores.  Once that  is done I start them on school so I can go get ready.  Well, when I stepped out of the shower this morning I could hear quite a bit of chatter.  I heard enough to know there was a horse in our yard.  I quickly wrap a towel around me and go check it out.  There isn't just one horse, there are two horses and a mule.  Well, I quickly dress and go outside.  They were all quite content eating my grass.

I call city hall but to no avail, it's too early. So I ride around the neighborhood and see if I can find out who is missing horses. Everything looks great. Hmmm what to do. So I look in my phone for the number of a neighbor who lives just out of town and has horses. I don't give her much time, just start talking and ask her what I should do. She suggests I call the sheriffs office and let them know. Okay thanks!

I call them and am so tickled I can't even give my correct address. So the lady says, they will send an officer over. As soon as I hang up the horses start to wander from the yard. Then they trot off and head home!!!! I walked behind them the whole way. I'm thinking "Great, now the sheriffs department is going to think I'm crazy!" Luckily the house they belong to is right across the street from the little store where all the men folk hang out in the morning. (Proof that they were wandering around!)  
So when I get up to the little store one of my neighbors says, "I see your horses went home."  I respond, "Yeah, they just took off up here and went in that fence."  He points and says, "Well don't worry.  That fella there went and made sure the gate was closed."  I look to see who he is pointing to and lo and behold, it's DAVY CROCKETT!!!  I kid you not, this fella was dressed just as I picture Davy Crockett and was even carrying a hatchet!! 

Well, I get back home and the kids tell me Mrs. Joanna (the neighbor) has called back. She was asking all kinds of questions. Did we still live in T.C.? Oh, she didn't know we had moved. And I'm thinking WHAT????, she's our landlord, of course she knows! Then it hits me, I had two entries for a Joanna in my phone. I had dialed the wrong one. The poor Mrs. Joanna I had dialed is a friend from our old church who I haven't seen in a few months!!! I know she must think I'm crazy!!

Needless to say, my morning here in small town USA was quite entertaining and all of it by 8:30am!!  The LORD knew I needed that humor.  However, I am a bit fearful that the men with straightjackets may show up at any time.  :)
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