Thursday, November 15, 2012

Her name...

Her name was given to me years ago.  Back in 2005 Jim and I traveled to Chi*a on a mission trip.  For me, I was hoping to persuade him to adopt.  That didn't happen as I had hoped, but the Lord took care of that in His perfect timing and now we have Samuel. (You can read that here.)

Years later, I still longed for a little girl and just knew what she was to be named.  Then a few years ago, I found a picture of what I thought was to be our little girl.  We pursued her for a time and I had even named her, Ruby Faith.  However, it wasn't the name that God had given me.  That name just didn't seem to fit this precious treasure.

Here we are again pursuing a little girl to be our daughter.  This time the name fits!

Her name is Sarah Joy!

Before I explain her name, listen to this song (Redeemed)  by Big Daddy Weave if you haven't heard it before.

In 2005 I didn't know the significance of her name, but now I do.  

You see Sarai of the Old Testament was an outcast in her society.  She was old and barren and that was not looked upon favorably.  I'm sure this greatly discouraged her at times.

Then God intervened.  He told her that she would have a child and be the mother to many nations.  He redeemed her and gave her a new name.  The name Sarah.

Our Sarah has a similar story.  She lives in a culture that doesn't have room for imperfections.  Children with a disability (even correctable) are considered outcasts.  However, God has redeemed her.  He has a plan for her and has brought her to our family.

Joy, that's what she is to us.  We are all beyond excited to be adding to our family.  But Joy also because she is a Joy to God.  He has created her just the way He desires so that He might delight in her.

Now for those of you who have taken the time to read through this entire post you are rewarded with a picture of our precious treasure.  Our Sarah Joy!


Lisa said...

Sarah Joy is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Christina said...


Sabrina said...

I loved reading her name story! Can't wait to meet Miss Sarah Joy!

Sarah said...

Precious!! Love hearing the story behind the name

Jennifer B. said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I love the name, the meaning, and mostly how God revealed it to you. I have 2 kiddos from China and they both love the meaning and how we came to their names.
Jennifer B.