Friday, December 21, 2012

Blown Away...

I have been completely blown away by God this week.  We are working hard to get the $2800 needed for part of our agency fee as well as the $900 needed to do our immigration fingerprinting.  I have actually been a bit calm about it and just trusting in God.  I have had  a peace that can only be explained by Him, because the me wants to freak out and say there is no way.

Anyway, God has shown up greatly.  If you are on facebook you know that this week we had some amazing God stuff.  Tuesday of this week, I was reading a blog post by one of my favorite people, Linny.  She was calling for praise while folks were fasting and praying.  I left a comment and then scrolled thru the comments above.  I came across a family who is very close to travel and are still short on funds.  Now, I know how scary that can be because are aren't even near travel, but the idea of a lack of funds is daunting.  So I hopped over to her blog and was able to donate. Being in the process ourselves and a bit strapped, I could only give $20.  So I did and went on my merry way.

Wednesday, I was out and about selling bracelets and running adoption errands.  Well, Jim calls and says, when are you coming by, I have $200.  He got called away to a meeting before I could ask any questions.  Talk about agony.  I couldn't wait to finish errands and go grill him :)   So I get to the school and he hands me this Christmas card with a check attached.  One of his co-workers, who we had not told about our adoption, had sent to him a very sweet card with a check for $200!!  She talked of how God had blessed her family and she was blessing ours.  Only GOD!!!  He had multiplied our gift to the other family by 10X's!!!  Needless to say, I was over the moon!

So, I get the check to deposit with all the bracelet money I have.  First though, I must run by the post office and check the mail as I was expecting a couple of checks for bracelets.  Sure enough they are there.  Only when I open one envelope the check that I thought would be for $16 was for $100!!!  Oh wow!! Another blessing from the hand of God.  I was in utter shock.

But God doesn't only bless with checks :)  Today, Grace and I had to visit the doctor for a quick recheck.  While out and about I took time to go by and get our marriage license.  The clerk got everything together and I told her we needed the one with the gold seal for an adoption.  She put together that one and another copy with the certification, just in case.  She handed me the envelope and when I asked her how much, she simply said "Merry Christmas."  Wow!!  That should have been $20-$25.  All glory and honor to my KING!!

Now I've talked much about the bracelets, so let me share just a bit more.  We are selling these beautiful bracelets made by people in Haiti.  The money they receive helps them support their family and we are helped with our adoption expenses.  Each bracelet is only $8 and you can leave me a message with any contact info and I will be glad to send some your way.

Merry Christmas to each of you!!!!


Tina said...

Oh Amy I read Linny's blog last week but had no idea she was talking about you until I read your blog this week! I am so thrilled for you all.

Tina said...

Amy I read Linny's blog last week and had no clue she was talking about you! I was so tickled just now when I read your post. Over joyed for your family.