Monday, December 10, 2012


is the word that  best describes my mood tonight.  Or maybe it's just a bit reflective.  I have spent the day enjoying the glorious warmth.  The mid-70's temperature has reminded more of spring, rather than nearing Christmas.  Even so, I have enjoyed the gift. 

So tonight when I sat down to have my evening cup of tea, I decided to sit on the porch to drink it.  That is when my mind was flooded with memories.  I sat there thinking of my childhood.  Listening to  the insects, I thought back to lying in my bed at night, unable to sleep because of all the crickets and frogs making such awful noise.  Now those sounds aren't so awful, but soothing and strangely reassuring.

Then my mind was transported to different times in my married life, sitting outside different houses.  Sitting on the steps of our mobile home just a few days before we moved out.  Jim and I looking up at the clear night sky, knowing that soon we would be moving to "town" and wouldn't have such beautiful views.  Or sitting on the patio of that house in town and discussing life and raising our two young children.  

Then the many nights spent on the back porch of our last house.  The night I cried so hard because I didn't want to be through building my family.  Or the nights wishing my Daddy were still here.  Sitting there with our little rabbit, who acted more like a dog than a rabbit, just hoping the pain of losing a parent would subside.  There were fun times too.  Like when we totally missed the snow a few years ago because we were at the in-laws.  Only when we came home, our porch was still covered in snow and we stayed up very late making snow angels and building a snowgirl on the porch.

More recently, I was reminded of my time in South Africa.  How tonight the weather reminded me of sitting outside in that beautiful land, drinking a cup of tea with new friends.  And my mornings spent walking around the grounds, praying and spending time with the LORD, while watching the begin to rise.

It's amazing the memories that will flood your mind, if only you will stop long enough to let them.  I am so thankful and grateful for all God has provided.  I guess in a few years, I will be reflecting on the time spent here, on this porch, praying for my SarahJoy.  Praying that God will watch over her and protect her.  

I think now, after typing this, my mood is no longer melancholy, but rather content.  I am at peace, knowing God has richly blessed me.

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