Monday, March 11, 2013

The $30

This post is about how God used $30 to remind me that He is faithful to provide!

This weekend was the Peaches to Beaches yardsale.  It's a yardsale that starts up around Fort Valley and stretches all the way down to Brunswick along Highway 341.  Towns all along the route have places where you can set up for $30.  I've done this yardsale for several years and this year the sale was to help us raise adoption funds.  Well, back in February some friends asked me about it and said they wanted a booth.  I told them it was $30 and I would be glad to reserve them a spot.

Fast forward to last weekend.  The friends and I were doing some things together and the upcoming yardsale came up in conversation.  The friends told me that each of them had something else planned and would not be going.  I was a bit hurt that they had not let me know sooner and I didn't know how to let them know this put me out $30.  So, I let it ride and just figured I would use the space myself.

Well, this Friday was the first day of the two day sale.  Business was horrible!!!  I got back to my moms and counted my money and just about cried.  I had sold $61.25.  Even though this sounds like a lot, because of the cost of the booth, I had only made $1.25!  This not only discouraged me, but brought up the feelings of hurt again.  Had the friends not left me hanging, I would have profited a little more.

All the way home I just listened to my praise and worship music.  I turned it over to God time and again.  I repeated over and over, God will handle it.  Then Laura Story's song "Blessings" came on.  I love this song, but the lyrics "When friends betray us, when darkness seems to win" just stuck out.  I felt betrayed.  Now I know these friends did not betray me on purpose, but still it hurt.  Right then and there I knew God had this.  His blessings may just come through the raindrops.  I will admit, as a human I had to keep pleading Jesus when Satan reminded me of the betrayl, but I was not going to let it get me down.

So then Saturday dawned and I was ready!  Business was better.  I stayed pretty busy, but I was selling things for $1 or less, so I knew it would take a lot to make anything.  Then I had someone say, "Keep the change."  It was only $.50, but I was grateful.  Then someone came in to buy something and said, "I really don't need this, but it's for your cause."  There were all kinds of folks.  A grandmother who told me of adopting her step-granddaughter at 60.  The teenage couple who looked as though they didn't have two nickels to rub together giving me $.50 (that just about made me cry, it was like the widow's mite).  The girl who came in and said, "I saw the picture."  and handed me $5.  This continued all day.  By the end of the day, I counted back and God had given me the $30 through people like this!!!  Faithful God!!!

All total, I cleared $300 for the weekend!!!  I was blessed beyond measure.  God reminded me that He is in the small things.  If only I will turn them over to Him and allow Him to work through the raindrops.

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