Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring has sprung...

and with that comes a whole host of activity.  This past weekend we enjoyed a very nice Easter weekend.  Dad was home on Friday so he helped me with school activities.   It was really nice having him give Spelling Tests and helping Samuel with math facts.

Saturday was a local festival and our church gave away sno cones, popcorn, cotton candy and had free face painting.  That was loads of fun!!  Then we came home and Dad grilled plenty of food to last the weekend.

Sunday dawned a bit cloudy, but boy oh boy was our service amazing!!!  After church we headed over to a nice little garden and took some family shots.  That was really fun.  Here are a few of my favorites:

A few weeks ago, we bought a new toy for the kids.  However life has been busy and we didn't get to pull it out and play with it until yesterday.  They all fought for a turn to play, but this was intended to be Blake's toy.  Here are a few pics from our fun yesterday:

Grace pushing with all her might!!

Blake helping Samuel while he tries to crank it.

Whew, finally I can push this thing!

Taking instruction on making sure the grass is cut evenly.

Finally, my turn!!!  This is a man's toy :)

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