Monday, March 25, 2013

Where we are...

Here is an update on where we stand.  Financially we are paid up to this point.  However, that will change very soon. 

We received Jim's new birth certificate this weekend.  That is huge as he was foreign born and then adopted by his dad upon his mom and dad's marriage.  Anyway, I am glad to have that in hand. 

We also received notice from immigration saying they are going to issue us an appointment to be fingerprinted.  Not sure when we will actually get the notice, but it's a step.

We are in the process of having all our documents authenticated.  First I have to visit all the counties where things have been notarized. Luckily it is two local counties and then one a bit further, where our home study agency is located.  Once they are authenticated locally, it is off to the state capital to be authenticated.  And finally once they are complete there, we will work with a courier to get them authenticated with the Chinese Consulate in Texas.

After then having our dossier together (all this paperwork) we will send it to China for their approval.  That's when the excitement happens.  First we have to come up with a huge chunk of money.  I guess I should say, watch for God to supply the $7500 needed.  Then, we can really begin to prepare for SarahJoy as we could hopefully travel 4-6 months later. (Just typing this makes so very excited!!!)

I hope this helps folks understand where we are in the process.  Kinda like being pregnant where now we are beginning to show, but still a long way until delivery :)

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