Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All done!!!

Today we visited the Consulate for our last appointment.  I was a nervous wreck because we didn't have one piece of paperwork, but Jack, our guide, assured us it was okay and that we could complete it there.  Sure enough we did.  But then the consulate officer is looking back and forth between our different papers.  It worried me for a bit because he had a look on his face.  Then he asked about our address.  One paper had our physical and one our PO Box.  He simply verified which one to use for their records.  Whew!!!  I was so glad when that appointment was over.

From the Consulate we went to the zoo.  It was kinda sad because the animals had such small enclosures.  It was way better than the zoo in Vietnam we visited, but still nothing like the U.S.  However it was fun and a chance to get out.  We tried getting Sarah Joy to stand next to statues, but she would have no part of it.

After the zoo we had our driver take us back to the island to pick up some laundry we had done.  Robbie, we found Lucy's and had lunch there.  It was also here that we saw how little our girl is.  One of the shop owners had his son there.  In conversation we found out that he is a month younger than Sarah Joy, but much bigger.  Even though our girl is so very smart, we also see that she is behind developmentally.  Even so, we know that she will catch up fast.  She has three eager teachers waiting at home for her.  There were lots of brides there having photo shoots.  There was even one young lady, a model perhaps, having a photo shoot.  When it was time for a wardrobe change, she just changed right there in front of the world!  I was shocked!

Next came hailing a taxi.  I had feared taking a taxi because I had heard all kinds of stories.  However, this taxi driver was pretty good.  He was safe and rather pleasant.  I was glad to reach the hotel, because during the ride Sarah Joy graciously wet thru to my pants.  Now, I won't blame it on Jim, even though he put the diaper on, but I will say he has been out of practice for a while.

The early morning had worn my two loves out, so while they napped I walked the city some more.  I really do enjoy walking the side streets and getting into the lesser traveled areas.  When I got back we headed out in search of supper.  Jim found a dumpling shop and ordered his.  He watched them stuff the dumplings and then steam them.  I wanted Chinese food but everything was too Chinesey.  I wound up settling for Pizza Hut again.  It was here that Jim ordered hot corn juice!  I swear he has a stomach of steel.

Tomorrow we leave. We check out tomorrow afternoon and the driver will take us to Hong Kong.  Yes, it is an island, so we will be taking some long bridges.  It makes me a bit sad that we will be driving right by Disneyland, but won't be able to stop.  From HK we fly to South Korea and then Atlanta.  We then land in Savannah at 3 on Thursday afternoon.  YAY!!!

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