Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What to say...

I've had thoughts rolling around in my head for a few days, but have been unable to find a spare moment to write them down.  Being home with Sarah Joy is absolutely grand!

Anyway, many of you know a bit of our story on adoption.  I have wanted to adopt for over 10 years, but Jim was hesitant.  I even took him on a mission trip to Chi*a to visit orphanages in hopes that he would see the need and be moved.  Nothing! 

I prayed for years before he consented to Samuel's adoption.  Jim loves Samuel just like the other two.  He loves to wrestle with him and finds his humor quite entertaining.

Then I found Sarah Joy's picture and knew this was our daughter. Jim was very hesitant now.  Again I prayed and sought the Lord.  I assured Jim that at any point we did not have the funds, we would stop.  He watched as God provided every cent!  Finally it was time to go get our little girl.  Daddy was smitten!!!  It's absolutely amazing how he interacts with her.  It's so different than any of our other three children.  I can tell God has done much in his heart.

Sarah Joy's orphanage is much nicer than any orphanage we visited before in Chi*a.  Yet, it was here that something really clicked with Jim.  We were visiting one of the rooms and there was a precious little girl sitting in a walker with only a rice cake to play with.  There was no visible toys to be played with or even a television to distract the children.  Jim got down and talked with this angel while I visited with the other sweet girl in the room.  This began to break his heart.

Later we were talking with someone who was very open and honest about what women have to endure.  He told us how women are forced into having something inserted into their bodies for birth control (I'm assuming an IUD).  It doesn't matter if they want it or not, or even if it harms their bodies, they must have it.  He also went on to tell us about women having a health check every three months.  This isn't to ensure their blood pressure is good.  No, it's to ensure they are not pregnant.   This totally jumped up and slapped Jim in the face.  He was so taken aback.  Even after returning home, just the mention of a rice cake brings back all these thoughts and memories.

God has truly been moving in this man's heart and it brings me such joy.  While we were out and about many people asked if Sarah Joy was our first.  We explained that no, she was our fourth.  Of course the next question was if she was our last.  Jim was quick to respond with "No, I think at least one more."  WHAT?!?!  Oh happy day!!!!!   I am singing praises as God has moved in my husband's heart.  I'm not sure when or how, but he is open to adopting more!!!

God is faithful and worthy to be praised!!!  It has been 10 years of praying and crying out to God, and He has answered.  It was not my time frame, but His perfect timing!!!

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Mom Of Many said...

Awww Amy, thank you so much for pointing me to your blog. I was able to read a few posts and I shake my head in wonderment at the ripples of opening your heart to the joys of adoption...

Your hearts have been broken and your journey just keeps getting better and better.

Crying out to the Lord for 10+ years? As you well know - He hears, He answers and He moves. I love it!!

Sarah Joy is beautiful {as are your others}, but I can't wait till you show me pictures when she has been home for awhile...my favorite - before and after pictures...because EVERYONE needs and deserves a family and when they have one of their own, they smile from the inside out.

Thrilled with you - love from Uganda!! xo