Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun times

Yesterday afternoon after little sister and daddy had their naps, we ventured out a bit.  We got a map and walked to a park.  It was very nice and serene.  We found a park with what appeared to be a playground.  When we got closer we realized it was a workout area for adults.  It had all these awesome exercise things.  There we folks the ages of our parents out there.  We didn't dare try for fear of making a fool of ourselves.  The park also offered peddle boating which we may go back and do.  The time there was very relaxing.

When we finally began walking back it was nearing dinner.  Close to our hotel they offer food from around the world.  We decided on Vietnamese food.  It was a so so place, but baby girl sure enjoyed her pho.  By the time we made it back we spent a while in the playroom before heading to bed.

Today we got up and went to Shamian Island.  That was such a nice visit.  I really felt like I was walking the squares of Savannah.  We took some really cute pictures and had some amazing Chinese food.  Now we are back in the room and dad is napping and little sister is supposed to be :)

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