Friday, March 7, 2014

Almost there

We are now on the way out :).  Yesterday we flew to Guangzhou.  This is where we get final permission to leave.  Sarah Joy did amazing on the flight.  Take off and landing were no big deal.  She entertained herself for most of the two hour flight with the little safety booklet and a bun in a cellophane wrapper.

Once we arrived at the airport Jack, our guide, was waiting.  We really like him and he is doing a great job.  It's a bit misty, hazy here today, but not near as cold as Shanghai.  We plan to get out a bit.

Our mouths hung open at our hotel.  It is so very nice and caters to adoptive families.  We have already met a few and that has been nice.  Last night after getting to our room, Jim went out for more water.  He was gone a bit, but I knew he was taking in the scenery.  When he got back, he told me of his adventure and trying to take a "short-cut."  This man has the most entertaining stories every time he goes out!!

This morning we went for our medical.  Jack wanted us to leave at 9 so as to avoid the crowd.  That was fine by us and we are so glad we did.  We were the first family and it took us about an hour.  I can't imagine waiting like all those families who came in after us.

For the most part, the medical was fine.  She was such a big girl.  She didn't like her temp taken.  They did find she has a low fever and wrote a prescription.  I was like finally, something to help her.  Prescription is Tylenol!!  Oh well, we can make it back to the States and our pediatrician.  Soon it was time for her tb test.  That is a blood draw and they took her away from us.  The nurse must have tried because I heard crying.  Then she comes out and Sarah Joy reaches for me, but I can't hold her because she needs another nurse.  Seeing us, but not being able to come to us made more tears come. Then I almost started crying as I heard her scream while blood was being drawn.  Poor baby girl was ready for momma and daddy after that ordeal.

Now we've made it back to the hotel.  I think we are going to venture out and find lunch since the weather is nice and my stash of Larabars is depleted :)

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