Monday, March 3, 2014

She's ours!

It's 4a.m. and I'm up.  Yesterday was such a wonderful day!  We were up rather early and were ready to meet Amanda, our guide.  First up was a ride to the bank.  There we exchanged our money so we could pay some fees.  Then it was a short walk to an office building.

We went upstairs to a small office to sign paperwork.  I was getting so very excited and just wanted to say, "Bring my baby."  Once that was done I went to pay the fees.  On the way back, Amanda asked if I would like her to take pictures.  I said sure, but while I was turning on the camera, I felt a presence. I looked around and there was the nanny with Sarah Joy!  Then I became butterfingers and it felt like the camera just would not cooperate.  Finally I was able to hold her.  Oh how sweet that moment!  After a bit I passed her over to Jim.   She shed a few silent tears before we left.

The orphanage gave us a precious photo book of our sweet girl.  They also gave us a stamp with her name and a tiger on it (the year she was born).  When it was time for me to give the gifts we brought, I cried like a baby.  These ladies were handing over a precious treasure and I was simply giving a mere token.  Oh how grateful I am.

After leaving the office building, we headed to Chinese Wal-Mart.  There I was able to buy more formula, some socks, a bottle/cup, and some sweet treats.  Found out baby girl likes chocolate :)
Let me just say, I felt a bit like I do after Thanksgiving shopping.  The store was insanely crowded!  When I got back out to the van Jim said she had been crying, but the driver gave her a sucker and she was happy.  She also has a bit of a cold that we are watching.

When we returned to the room, I consoled and played with her while Jim went for lunch.  He went to the hotel restruant and just said he needed food for a three year old.  He came back with three different boxes and she wanted none of it.  Finally after a bit of coaxing he was able to feed her the soup.  She loved it.  We had a few more meltdown spells, but mostly it was good.  Jim was really able to make her giggle while playing with her stacking cups.  She has really bonded with him.  She is also a big copycat.  We think Sam now has a run for his money in the clown department!

After a while we knew we needed to find supper.  Off we went.  It was a bit cold and she was heavy so we didn't want to go far.  Well around the block was a restruant that seemed pretty good.  Thought we could get her some soup and rice.  The problem, no one spoke English and the menu was not in English!  (We are finding that all over.  It's strange because usually people want to practice their English). Jim tried ordering soup, they brought a cup of hot water!  Finally after about three people, a lady came out who spoke and understood limited English.  It was quite funny.  Before he knew it Jim had ordered roasted goose, squid plate, and some sort of soup for Sarah Joy.  Then they brought out rice, another soup dish and plates of fruit.  They spoke and Jim shook his head!  I know they thought we were a bit silly, but it was fun after my uncomfortable nerves wore off.   Sarah Joy ate like a champ with the soup and rice.  She also did well in the high chair while I fed her.

After that ordeal it was straight back to the room.  We played some more.  The girl loves the remote and kept playing with it.  Finally I put on her pj's and we played on the bed.  Next thing I know she was out.  We have decided to get her a bed in here as both of us have bruises from her kicking.  This girl is a terrible bed buddy and puts Grace and Sam to shame!

Sorry for no pictures, but I haven't figured out how to load them here.

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Sabrina Tolbert said...

Oh, my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing. Prayers for you all for rest and peace. We love you all!