Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In love!

In love, that is the only way to describe how I feel.  This child melts my heart more everyday!

So yesterday we had to visit a couple of government offices.  When we got in the van, she was scared to death and shed a few silent tears.  After a little while, she warmed up and was better.  One of the stops was to have our picture taken together for paperwork.  There was an extra one so they gave it to us.  Sarah Joy claimed it for herself.  Little smarty would point to the person in the picture and then to us, so I started naming us as she pointed.  I bet I said it over and over a million times, but I would do it a million more if need be.

Our last stop was at the notary office to have everything notarized.  As we were getting ready to leave, Sarah Joy turned in my lap, raised her arms, and said "momma."  It absolutely melted my heart!

After all the errands were done, it was back to the room.  She has loved playing with the stacking cups and "reading" books.  We are enjoying this time of just hanging out.

Our funny for the day was later in the afternoon when Jim decides he wants to buy gym shorts.  He pulls out the iPad to help with his translation.  This particular program also has a microphone so you can speak and it translates.  So he listened to the pronunciation in Chinese for buying men's shorts.  When he spoke back and it translated his words, it came out men's panties!  He was so glad he practiced in the room.  He decided he didn't need shorts after all :)

Today we went to a beautiful garden.  Again Sarah Joy was sad in the van, but after getting out and walking around with us she was better.  I think that slowly she is realizing this is forever.  We enjoyed the garden and enjoyed seeing the ancient area.  Now it's back in the room while little sister naps.  Dad is off trying to find a street vendor to buy his lunch.  This man of mine really enjoys life and is up for trying anything.  Love him so much.

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