Thursday, April 17, 2014

An adventure....

Today, I started a new adventure.... cloth diapering.  

Let me just say up front, I almost quit after the first diaper!  

Yes, the first diaper that I put on little Ms. Sarah Joy was soon filled with poo...  Even with the little insert that is supposed to help with that, I was still having to clean out a diaper.  However, after a nice chat with my friend Sabrina who encouraged me greatly, (she is super mom and does this with her toddler and 1 year old twins!) I decided that I could do this.  

I now have a new found respect for the older generations who had to use cloth diapers without a choice.  My mom recalls being 5 years old and changing her younger brother's diaper while her parents worked in the field.  She had to not only hold him still to get the diaper on, but had to PIN it on!!  

Thank goodness for the invention of Velcro and little snaps that make it easier.  Hoping now that little miss will soon want to potty train :)

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