Monday, April 21, 2014

He's in the details....

Yesterday was Easter and a time for celebration.  We all get so excited because God sent His Son for us.  Jesus died and rose again for us!!  It's that simple, yet so very complex.

Most of us wouldn't deny God's love for us in sending His Son, but somehow we think the love and care for us ends there.  Well, I'm going to share a story that shows He cares about the details of our lives (even those details that others might not notice).

Every year for Easter our family dresses up in color coordinating outfits.  One year, Grace had a polka dotted dress, so each of us wore a top that matched one of the dots.  Samuel's first Easter we all had blue and the boys even had ties that matched Daddy's.  Last year, the girls' wore pink and the boys wore green.  This year was to be no different.  


I started looking in mid-March for outfits.  I knew this year would be tough to find an appropriate dress for Grace, as she is older and doesn't want frilly, so we started with her.  She found a lovely dress and was super excited because she could even wear her boots with it!  Next it was Sarah Joy.  I searched for a few days before deciding on a pretty smocked dress that had not only Grace's dress color, but also yellow.  Whew, this is moving right along.

I began looking for a yellow top for me.  I was going for yellow so that I would also coordinate with Sarah Joy, but yet not have to match Grace's color exactly.  That's where progress slowed.  I went to our area mall and searched.  Nothing!!  I ventured into several boutique stores, only to be met with corals and mints.  Then last weekend, while in a metro area for Blake's honor band, I decided to search high and low there.  The results:  a tired momma and a cranky toddler, but no Easter top.

Finally, I gave up all hope.  On Wednesday, I bought the boys shirts that would coordinate with their sisters. On the Saturday before Easter, it was rainy and cold, but I went out one more time to our little town that had one possible chance at success.  I decided Jim would wear a white shirt and I would change my search to white, since I knew they didn't have the color I was looking for.  I tried on several white tops, but none were my style.  I was sad at not finding anything in white, but was glad I had found a red chevron top, so at least I had something new.  My hopes for coordinating were dashed.

Saturday night I began ironing all the clothes and getting them ready for church.  I went to our closet to pull Jim's shirt out to be ironed when lo and behold.... there was his red dress shirt!!!  Now this may not sound like a huge deal, but Jim has taken a new job that requires him to stay out of town during the week.  This meant that his dress clothes are at his parent's house where he stays.  I knew he had at least the white shirt, but was so very tickled to find his red one hanging there also!!

What does this have to do with God???  Well, God cares about the details of our lives.  He cares that on one day a year I like for my family to dress in coordinating outfits.  Would it change my perception of God if we didn't coordinate for church?  No.  However, just like I as a parent want to give my children gifts that make them happy and bring a smile to their face... so does God.  He knew it would delight me to coordinate and He made it happen.  The kids were all in blue/greenish hues and Jim and I were in our reds.  

God cares for you just as much!!  He wants to give you good gifts and poor blessings out on you.
  First, you must allow Him into your life and let Him be your Father

Oh and the boots Grace was so excited to wear... they were red!!

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