Sunday, August 17, 2014

Emotions run amuck...

Yes, that title would completely describe me right now.  Life has been be-bopping along great.  We've started school, getting in the routine with extracurricular activities and basically sailing smoothly.  Then in the middle of last week we received a call that they had scheduled Sarah Joy's first surgery.... that's when the sanity train derailed.


They called to let us know that surgery would be August 28th (ummm, okay, that's like two weeks away!)  My first reaction was "YAY!! We can soon begin speech and hopefully have progress."  The next reaction was, "Oh my, that is so soon.  I've got to get the other kids situated."  (Insert much gratitude for my dear mother)  Then it was, "I've got to drive to Cincinnati alone and then take care of baby girl by myself.  She already hates for me to be out of her sight, how will I ever go to the bathroom while at the hospital?!?!"  And then the worry sets in.  I've never had a child to have surgery before.  Jim nor I have ever had surgery.  What if something goes wrong.  And the "what if" game begins and I wind up a snotty, crumpled mess on the floor.  Hence the title.

Yes, I am super excited that Sarah Joy will have her first of many surgeries that will allow her to learn to speak clearly.  We communicate so well right now, but I know that once her palate is repaired she will be able to express herself much more clearly.

Yes, I am a nervous wreck thinking about driving the roughly 14 hours to Cincinnati by myself.  I'm nervous about being able to take care of her post-surgery.  And then that same 14 hour ride back home with a child who just doesn't feel up to par.

And of course, the "what if's" worry me the most.  I know that I shouldn't worry.  I know that God has this all planned out and it's already taken care of.  However, this momma heart worries about her baby.  In the short 5 1/2 months that she has been with us, she has won all of our hearts completely.

So, all of this to say, please say a prayer for us.  Please begin praying now for our journey and well as her surgery and recovery.


jasnjoj said...

Oh, Amy...I will be praying! I have had my own feelings run amok many times over similar situations...and I know it is hardEven though we know that we know He has it in hand!

Jason and Erin said...

We will be praying for your sweet girl.. and you!!