Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The adventure....

This trip for surgery has been an adventure.  We got to the airport and checked in.  As I was walking to security, I realized I had only checked myself in and forgot Sarah Joy's ticket.  So I turned around and back we went.  Finally we were ready to go through security.  Now this is stressful for me on a good day.  Today was super stressful!  Sarah Joy was off the chain and did not want to be in her stroller (was glad I brought it) and I felt like I was holding up everyone in line.  After sweating bullets getting through security, we were on our way.  We loaded the plane and little sister began checking things out.  I was able to keep her entertained for most of the trip.  However, the last few minutes I knew she was about to melt.

Soon we were able to de-plane and she was glad.  Only, we got to the door to find that our stroller was not there.  The Delta folks were super helpful, but the stroller was not to be found.  Oh well, it was off to the next terminal.  No time to stop and eat, so we picked up a sandwich and made it in time to board the next plane and eat while waiting for take-off.

As we are waiting to take-off, the pilot announced that we were waiting for TSA to come to our plane.  Then I look out the window to see Boarder Patrol there.  Soon a passenger was escorted off the plane by flight attendants.  At last, we can fly.

While we were waiting for TSA I text our pastor and worship leader to ask for prayer as I was pretty stressed.  As soon as they announced take-off, things settled down.  I could tell my friends were praying for us.  The rest of the trip was a breeze.  Sarah Joy did great on the final flight, Delta is working on finding our stroller and loaned us one for now, and we are settled here at Shriners.  Please continue to pray for us.  Surgery will be at 7am on Thursday.

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