Saturday, March 1, 2008

A cultural revolution in Twin City...

Well, today we have had a pretty good day. Last night Samuel got a little upset when Jim had to get on to him, but we reassured him we loved him and he was okay. We got up this morning and went to old town with the Lee's. That was great and the shopping was good. We came home with two musical instruments and my husband planning his cultural revolution =) This fall he plans to put on a marching show all about asia. We are buying hats, fans and au dios for all the flag girls. He even wants to find a dragon. This ought to be a great half-time show. Needless to say we are also shopping for more luggage. We have to large bags and two carry-ons that are full of souvineers. Most of our clothing will be left behind. This was planned so that we could shop, but we never anticipated needing more bags. Boy has it been fun!
When we returned to the room Samuel pretty much zonked on us. He won't sleep unless you are holding him. And we he sleeps he sweats, so needless to say it is a little uncomfortable. Finally after 1 1/2 hours we woke him up and are planning a night time adventure. Not sure yet where we are going, but we are up for anything. Still no word on flights. Guess this means we will be here until Wed. and arrive in GA on Thursday. Please love on my babies and I'll post more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your correspondence and love the pictures(except for the snake wine)Yuck!Blake and Grace have gotten loving from me each time I have seen them. They are soooo excited about Samuel and so am I!You know how anxious I am to love on him.I'll let him sleep in my arms and sweat on me.Continue to enjoy your stay while waiting on your flight.God bless all of you!
Love you,
Linda Coleman

ddaughtry said...

Hey McBrides,
I've enjoyed hearing about your journey. Samuel is so cute!!! I didn't read the part about not overwhelming him so you'll have to excuse me when I see him. By the way, Heather is not the only one that requested a girl and I'm the oldest so I get the first one. Just leave some of Jim's stuff there and stick one in a bag for me. I really miss ya'll and can't wait to see you. I can tell he's so much a part of your family already. God is so good. See you soon. I'm praying for you all. Love Debbie