Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Off to College...

I dropped my oldest off at college today! Well, not exactly. Jim is having band camp at one of the local colleges and Blake decided he wanted to spend the night with his daddy. I actually got a little emotional watching my 7 year old walk down the walk-way to the building his daddy was in carrying his luggage. I know that sounds hokey, but really watching my son grow up is becoming difficult. He is getting to the age where he wants and needs to do more things with his dad than me and that is hard. I am a very blessed momma who is very proud of my children.
Grace is excited because with a new football season comes a new dance season. She says this year she wants to do something on the field with the dance girls. Jim is doing one classical show so she might get to don a tutu and do some ballet stuff. That would be cool!
Samuel is in for the ride of a lifetime as the season begins. This will be his first football season and really his first major experiences around the band. I can't wait for him to attend his first football game and half-time show. This will definately be a year like no other.

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Sabrina said...

It is hard watching them grow up, isn't it?
Football season does bring a certain excitement to life. I am sure that Samuel will love it. Take pictures and keep us posted!:)