Monday, August 4, 2008

What an adventure!

Okay, so this weekend Jim had guard duty so the kids and I tagged along. We arrived late Friday night to Atlanta and crashed at one of his friend's house. Saturday while he was off being a soldier the kids and I did some exploring around. First we had lunch at the Dwarf House/Chic-fli-a. The kids were thrilled by the little door. Then we rode around awhile trying to find something to do. We stumbled upon a Farmer's Market and decided to see what it was about. We parked and got out and walked and the kids bought some fruit. I found a dragon fruit and was very excited. In some small way it reminded me of walking the markets in Vietnam. It's the closest my kids will get to that experience for a while. After that we found a small VN area with a grocery store. So of course we pile out and in we go. We bought a few things and then it was time to pick up Jim.

Here is where it get really wild. We pick him up, he changes and we head out to the Braves game. When we get there the lady asks where we would like tickets. Jim tells her where ever. Thankfully she puts us on the visitor side, since the home side was in the sun. We walk in during the 7th inning(we were in no hurry). I am so glad because I don't think the youngest two could have taken much more. Anyway, as soon as the game was over it was time to move for the concert. It was STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN! The entire reason we even came to the game. So we find seats for two!! Jim is on one row holding Blake and I am behind him holding the other two. Fortunately it was a good view of the stage. Just as the thing is beginning to kick off a storm comes up and things are delayed. Now this is not just any storm, the wind is blowing so hard people are losing their hats and trash is blowing around the stadium. It soon begins to pour rain and lightning like crazy! We were just on the edge of the covering so we decided to stick it out. Fortunately for us others did not stay so all the kids wound up with seats. I told Jim that this was crazier than paying $500 for backstage passes! The things I do to see this guy!

But here is a God thing. The last time we were at his concert was in 2004 and I was trying to convince Jim we needed to adopt. Shortly after that Samuel was born and the next time I see SCC I have a son! God's timing is great!

So I get up Sunday morning and turn on the news to hear that half of Atlanta is without power and that a huge tree was blown over at the Gov. Mansion. This news report confirmed to me that we were indeed crazy for sitting out there, but also that God is so in control and watching out for us.

Sunday the kids and I decided to venture out a little more. We head down 285E to get to an even larger VN population. We get there and I was so excited to go into the Asian food market. Remember, I am from po-dunk with one red light and you drive half an hour to get anything. The whole area was asian. Every sign was written in English as well as an asian language. There were so many VN restuarants it was overwhelming. I was like a kid who had just arrived at the fair. So we go in and buy a few things. Some I'm not sure about but we are going to try. Then we go down the road a little ways and there is another store but it has aisles marked for all regions of the world. There were people everywhere. There were fresh plants available for sale that I had only heard of. Truly I was bug-eyed walking through this store.

Having spent enough time I decide it is time to return to daddy. So we came here on 285E we will return West. WRONG!!!! This road is so confusing as it goes around Atlanta. Really I should have turned around and gone back the other way, but no I-75 was right up the way so I'll just hit it and go back. However, I forgot about road construction and 75 was backed up. After sitting in traffic for forever, I whip out the map to find an alternate route. Now my map is so old it doesn't even have all of the exits listed but I find one close by and decide to try it. What I did not know was that I was getting off in the ghetto! On every corner there was a cross and things to make a memorial to someone, graffiti everywhere, and girls with less clothing. Not only did I get off here, I get lost here. I soon get panicked. However, I do find my way and we finally make it back to Jim. The trip that took 30 minutes to begin took two hours to end! Needless to say I will be buying a new map! Overall the trip was a huge success, but I was ready for my small town where I won't get lost. Sorry for the book but I was a great weekend.

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kristin said...

what a beautiful and encouraging story... thank you so much for sharing.