Monday, November 17, 2008

Daddy Update

Sorry for the delay in posting. I really haven't had much time. Friday night we took my daddy to Savannah to the hospital. For those of you not familiar that is the big-city hospital. We stayed in the ER until 6:30 Saturday morning when we finally got a room. He is on the cardiac floor and they are monitoring his heart. Not really sure what is going wrong. I told the doc all the problems down in the ER and she just looked at me very puzzled.
They have run almost every test imaginable on his body and nothing is showing up to say "This is it." His heart rate has been extremely high. It runs in the 140's with his BP average to low. Today his heart rate jumped to 180 and he was calling for my mom. They are giving him breathing treatments because he can't breathe. My mom said last night he really gave her a scare. Sometime in the middle of the night all these nurses come barging in and checking him out. He says he coming home in the next day or two, but we really don't know when it will be. Please pray for my daddy, but also my mom. She is tired. This is the start of week three of hospital stays. And she won't leave him at all except to eat.

In brighter news, my friend Heather will be going tomorrow to have her baby. This will make baby number 6 and boy number 3. I can't wait. I will be going over tomorrow to help out with the 4 left at home. She is taking her 8 year old daughter with her. This woman is such a blessing to me. Maybe tomorrow I can post pics of Mr. Joe Thomas Cauley!

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Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Still praying for your daddy and your mama.