Monday, February 23, 2009

Gotcha Day!!!

So Saturday we celebrated Samuel's Gotcha Day! Jim had Guard Duty this weekend so we went to Atlanta with him. We went to a car show where Jim was "working" for the afternoon and once he was dismissed we headed for Asia town. It's a small area on Buford Hwy that has anything asian. The great thing is that all the signs are written in at least two languages. We first visited the market where we bought several things (mostly sweets). We visited a few other shops. In the bookstore they had a video playing of VN and Jim and I got excited when we saw places we had been. They also had a child's language program that I am going back to get. Then we headed to a restuarant. All day Samuel talked about going to eat. I think he really remembers some stuff and this was exciting to him. So we walk into the place and begin the picture taking. I think people thought we were crazy. We ordered several different things. Jim, Blake, Grace, Uncle Binh and I all order Pho. We ordered chicken with rice for Sam and a few other things to share. Well Samuel ate a bit of his rice and then decided he wanted Daddy's pho. Being the great dad Jim is he traded with Samuel, but I don't think he knew how much Samuel would eat. The kid ate more than I did!!!! Samuel is a drinker and we always have to tell him to put his drink down and eat. This time he didn't even touch his Sprite! So we ate and then headed to another market to look around and then went back to the hotel.


The girls lovin' the Pink Caddy!

Uncle Binh and Daddy working hard (wink, wink)

The dream restuarant!

The bowl of Pho.

I promise these are mixing bowls!!!

Samuel enjoying every bit!

His finished product! The boy ate a ton!

Sunday we relaxed and enjoyed the day. I had promised Grace we would see the sky-scrapers so off we go. We ride up I-75 thru Atlanta, get off, turn around, and come back thru. This absolutely amazed her and made her happy. I don't know what I'm going to do when the cheap fun wears off! We then visited a mall to kill a few hours until Jim was finished and we could head home. Overall the weekend was wonderful!

Just a quick side note for anyone who may know him, Dr. Michael Guido, from a Seed from the Sower, passed away this weekend. He has lots of material and shows and commercials and such. Anyway, he is a local icon and man of great faith.


Jill and Andy said...

Happy Gotcha Day!! It doesn't seem like it has been a year... I remember anxiously following your blog to read all about NT and hoping that you would get a glimpse of Layne Nhi! Samuel looks great and so does the food!!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, what fun!
I love celebrating Gotcha Days..
I need to find out about the Asian place near Atlanta.
What is pho?
And, will we see you tomorrow at the airport?
Email me,