Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Civic Duty Stinks and other ramblings....

Well, here is an update from my jury duty experience. I was chosen to serve, even after my strong objections to the case. Let's just say it was a bad case involving a child. I really had a hard time taking two days of it. However, I am glad it is over and wouldn't mind serving on another jury that involved a different subject.

Moving on....

I want to say how awesome God is!!! We have started a new ladies Bible study at church entitled One in a Million and it is wonderful. It has sparked a new flame in me that is just so strong. Tonight during choir practice I could hardly contain myself as we went over the Easter songs. It was everything to keep my bottom in my chair!

Let's think about it, God sent His Son for YOU and me! That in and of itself makes me stand in awe. But to think that Jesus then arose from the grave and LIVES!!! He is here to walk with me through anything, to catch my tears as I cry, to rejoice with me and even hear me out when I rail in anger. Who else would do that? I mean I have the best husband in all the world, but even he can't take all that goes on within me. But God can!! Nothing is too much for my God.

That brings me to my next point. I want you guys to pray for a little girl in East Africa. She is on the Holt waiting child page and I don't know why but I have been drawn to her. I guess maybe because she is the same age as my Grace, but I just so have a heart for her. She turned 7 in this past week, just like my little girl is turning 7 today, and I couldn't do anything but cry. There was no Momma or Daddy to love her, sing Happy Birthday to her, and tell her how special the day was that she came into their lives. No one to spend that extra few minutes at bedtime to tuck her in. No one to bake a cake with or candles to blow out. Please pray that this little sweetheart finds a home soon.

I know this post has been a little of everything and I am sorry. I do pray that each of you are following after God hard. Each day ask yourself if you are pouring into people and making a difference in eternity. And yes wiping snotty noses and changing dirty diapers does count for eternity. =)

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I've been missing you!!