Monday, January 25, 2010

Life has been moving along at a very reasonable pace lately! This weekend we had Grace's 7th birthday party and it was great! We went to a little tea room/antique shop down the street and had 5 little girls come over. I was also blessed with one of my dearest friends to come with her teenage daughter and do the nails and make-up (not my cup of tea LOL). The girls had a blast and Ms. Sunshine was the hit of the party! She kept the girls in stitches and really made things easy for me. Thanks a million girl!!!

While we I was at the party, Jim was home with the boys and each of them had a friend over. Blake has met his match with football and it is great!! She actually brought him down a peg or two! Once, while he was celebrating on his way to a touchdown, she came up behind him and flattened him to the ground!! She will make one great daughter-in-law one day!!!

I know everyone can tell a story they have heard from Haiti, but I just want to share a brief one I heard today on Chris Fabry. There was a gentleman from the US who was caught in the quake and felt sure he was going to die. He took time to write a letter to his wife and two boys expressing his love. By the grace of God he was rescued and is now recovering (in Denver I think) and his interview is what I heard. This really touched me and made me take stock of my relationships. I pray that each of you reading will enjoy this day and make the most of it but also reflect on your relationships. Remember to tell the folks in your life that you love them and how special they are.

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