Thursday, February 11, 2010

What am I doing...

Okay, so many of you commented on my last post and I appreciate all of the encouraging words. We are working on finding a new place to go and beginning to box up things. We have an open house in March so we do ask for your prayers that a buyer will come foward.

However, I have been so convicted tonight. I have complained about having to give up my house and all the "problems" I have, but really in the grand scheme of God's plan am I really doing anything? I am now taking a hopefully more God centered approach. Yes, it will be hard to leave my house and move to one that is like a fourth the size, but hey, I will a step closer to being debt free and able to live fully for God. I want to be able to go where ever He wants me and not say "Uh, sorry. I can't because I am trapped by all this 'stuff' of the world." I encourage anyone who wants to hear the voice of someone who is doing God's work to click on over to

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Heather said...

I love following Kisses From Katie. Her blog is all-inspiring & I believe she is talking about me in her last post. I would love to do what she does in theory, but in reality I could not give up my comforts of home. Re. of luck on the sale of yours & I hope you find a home where you & your family will make lots of new memories...sometimes smaller is better....closer together is always a good thing. *Prayers your way* Hope to see you in Tulsa this summer.