Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Happenings...

I promise we are still alive, but we have been very busy. Of course I have been busy putting up lots of vegetables and jams. Add to that a new part-time job for me and Jim being gone and it has been crazy!!! I have to brag for just a moment... Jim went to Norfolk, VA for a couple of weeks of music school for the military. He was excited and hoped to do well. His goal was to make it into the 3.0 club. His brother had done it several years ago and had his name on the wall so Jim wanted to do the same. For those of you who don't know, Jim is a very talented musician and it is a true gift from the LORD!! So he worked for the two weeks hoping to do well on his audition and make the club. Let me say the Lord was with him and helped him throughout his audition and when he received his score he had not only made the 3.0 club but also top student of his class with a 3.6!!!!!! I was one proud wife to say the least.

So now life is settling back in and we are beginning to gear up for another year of school! I am a little nervous because as my children get older the requirements become more and I question my ability. This year we will officially add Samuel and begin to do things with him. I pray for balance that I may give each child the time needed. Also, that I may balance school with my new after school job and keeping up with the house.

I guess I better tell you guys a little about the job. I have recently started working at the local dollar store. It's a job I love because I love trying to be a bright spot in someone's day. I am very reserved and don't have many close long term friendships, but I can be the burst of sunlight for someone so this job is a perfect match!

We are still praying about our little Ruby Faith. Jim has said we must get out of debt first. I know that God can provide that needed money, but I am not a patient person and I want it now. However, on a positive note, we have a very interested buyer for our house. We should know something by the middle of August. Please join us in prayer that all works out for her and she doesn't change her mind.

I pray that everyone is having a safe and blessed summer.


Sabrina said...

Good to hear from you! I am glad all is well, and I know you can be the bright spot of someone's day. Just flash that smile!

And for school, I know you'll do fine.

Oh, and I love the new background....very cute. :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, dear friend, shall we pray for one another.
I would love to adopt again, too.

But, we have far too much debt.

I wish we had found time to see one another this summer. I can't believe it's already ending.